Before You Buy - Stone Slab

Nothing makes more of a statement than a beautiful natural stone slab. Known for their durability and longevity, natural stone slabs come in an abundance of colors and stone types. Different types of stone are better suited for different uses due to their degree of hardness and porosity. Granite, for example, is one of the top choices for a high-use kitchen countertop since it is one of the hardest stones available.

All natural stone slabs, just like the natural stone tile, begin their existence as giant pieces of rock that are removed from large quarries and are then cut into slabs. Each slab has its own shape and characteristics. Veining, crystallization, irregular markings, shading are all considered normal aspects of natural stone and add to its authentic look. No two slabs of the same type of stone will look exactly the same.

In some slabs you will see markings that may be mistaken for imperfections. For example, “inclusions”, particularly inherent in granite, are mineral spots that are darker or lighter in color. Fissures, often times mistaken for cracks in the stone, are not. Also, please be aware that the veining direction may not be consistent throughout the slab. These are not defects, but rather a natural part of the beauty of the stone.

If the area where you are installing slab requires more than one piece of stone, seaming is necessary. The placement of seams in a slab countertop is dictated by the size of the slabs, density of the stone and the layout of that area. For example, the same type of stone slabs installed in two identical layouts will have different areas of seaming due to the size of the individual slabs. Slabs with more pronounced veining will increase the visibility of the seams.

Even after the polishing or honing process at the manufacturers, no natural stone slab will have a perfectly smooth surface. Just like natural stone tile, there may be small chips or pits that are sometimes apparent in different lighting conditions. Different lighting conditions can also cause faint “cloudy spots” to become visible when viewing your countertop or wall from different angles.


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